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At Dilabee’s we have made use of the ancient Mesopotamian art of glass-making that dates back to 3500 BC.  We have fused into this ancient art; techniques of modern science which has helped us make these wares and products, which we import all over the world. Our products are used worldwide, by a number of manufacturers who use these glass wares for storage purposes. Some of our best and well-known customers are those from the Food industry who use these jars for storing of Honey, spices, pickles and other foodstuff that needs to be properly preserved. Other well-known customers are those from the cosmetic industry who need small and large sized jars for filling them with cosmetics and perfumes.  
We have also developed a line of synthetic products made from materials such as plastics and silicone that are safe and affordable to use and fulfill the same needs and functions the same as the glass jars.


We offer a plethora of services to our customers. Our customers can skim through a tactfully designed and useful catalogue that can help you choose the product you need. Our representatives will take a genuine interest in developing your custom made orders and make sure that they suit your complete needs. All fragile orders will be dispatched and delivered to your doorstep at the earliest. Extreme care and precautions are taken in the delivery and shipping of the fragile items.

Our Mission:
Dilabee’s is still in the phase of been classified as a young company, but our mission and our aims include that of a well toughened and mature company.  We strive to make sure that the following objectives are carried out:

  • Customer satisfaction is kept at foremost priority.

  • Creating a benchmark for excellence and then raising the bar by continuous hard work.

  • Avoidance of sending a customer a substandard product that may result in customer dissatisfaction.

  • Never stopping at an achievement, instead we always work at improving our products.

  • Creating innovative items for different uses.


Our products:
Our products are the brainchild of our establishment and we try to focus on the merit of each product. We aim to maintain our caliber by the following ways:

  • Producing unique designs that are not offered by our competitors in the market.

  • Long-lasting durability with crack-resistant materials.

  • Plastics that are non-hazardous and thus nullifying any such concerns.

  • We also provide the added benefit of products that can be custom made.

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